You’re invited to join Union Church in a special Easter Fast from April 1st through Sunday (April 21st). This is a strategic opportunity to turn our focus to Jesus, strengthen our faith and grow closer to God as we prepare for Easter Sunday!
See below for more details, helpful tips, and answers to questions about the fast.

Easter Fast Commitment

In order to focus more intently on God, I will participate in Union's Easter Fast April 1st through Easter Sunday, April 21st. Every time my thoughts turn to the item I am fasting from, I will dedicate myself to pray for my personal relationship with Christ, for my friends, and for my church.

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Questions and Answers

About the Fast


What is a fast?

A fast is a biblical discipline that involves abstaining from food or drink for a specific period of time. It’s a time to “starve the flesh and feed the soul,” by replacing the times and desire usually spent on appetite and replacing it with prayer, Bible reading, and time spent with God.


This particular time of fasting will prepare our hearts for Easter and bring us into closer relationship with Him.


Why do we fast?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is mentioned in the Bible over 50 times. God’s people, in both the Old and New Testaments, fasted as a way to cry out to God, seek His favor, humble themselves before Him, among other reasons.


We fast because Jesus fasted. In Matthew chapter 4, Jesus went into the wilderness to fast. In chapter 6, He gives instructions on how God’s people are supposed to behave when fasting. Those who follow Jesus, desire to live a life modeled after His. We follow His example of fasting and the examples of the leaders of the early church.


How do we fast?

From April 1-21, Union will participate in a “Daniel Fast” which is based on the fasting references from the biblical book of Daniel. In Daniel chapter 1, Daniel and three friends choose to eat only vegetables and drink only water as a way to designate that they would not defile themselves with the king’s food which was most likely offered to idols. In Daniel chapter 10, he fasts for three weeks - “no choice food; no meat or wine touched his lips.”


During our Daniel Fast a short rundown of acceptable foods include:

• All fruits and vegetables

• All legumes

• Whole grains

• Nuts and Seeds

• Tofu

• Herbs and spices


Foods to avoid include:

• All meat and animal products

• All dairy products

• All deep fried foods

• All sweeteners: sugar, sugar substitutes, etc. (including honey)

• Alcohol

• All leavened bread (nothing with yeast)

• Coffee and other caffeinated drinks




Helpful Fasting Tips


Dedicate the time to the Lord: fasting is a discipline which means it’s not easy! Pray hard; ask God to reveal Himself to you in fresh and radical ways.


Increase your time in the Word: God’s Word is “alive and active.” When we starve the flesh to feed the soul, our hearts are primed to hear Him in a new way.


Make it a priority to attend church: Being around other believers on the same mission will motivate you when fasting becomes difficult. Get connected in a Small Group: Union Small Groups will begin their spring session on April 1. Being in a small group can enhance your fasting experience and bring support when it gets difficult. Contact for more information.


We are so excited to enter into the Easter Season with this time of fasting! When the body of Christ comes together and humbles themselves before the Lord in such a mighty way, big things will happen.


During the fast, look for emails that will bring encouragement, helpful recipes and more! We also want to hear from you! How do you need God to move?



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