Family Time


Starting April 21st, we are challenging kids to explore the Bible together with you and their new buddies! Each day, we will challenge kids to read a short passage from the Bible out loud and then write, draw, or reflect on what they felt, learned, or were challenged by while reading.

If you would like to participate in this challenge with your kids, we recommend finding a set time of day where you can all spend a few moments together each day. It may be:

*Before school while you're eating breakfast

*After sharing dinner together

*In the car on the way to school or practice

*Right before bedtime each night or any time of day that is convenient for your family

Begin your time together by reading the recommended verses and then encourage your kids to reflect on what they read as they work through their Bible Buddy Reading Plan journal for that day.

When you're done, remind your kids to bring their journals with them to church next Sunday so they can share what they learned with you and their buddies with everyone in their small group!

If your child is a little older with an electronic device, we would love for them to download the Habits app. Simply go to where you download your apps and search for Habits by Grow. Once the app is downloaded, you can help them create their own “Habits” and follow along each day!

Either way is fine, as long as we are learning the Spiritual Habit of Spending More Time with Jesus!