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What is a Small Group?

A Union Group is a small gathering of people designed to provide community and discipleship and is about transformation, not information. Groups help us get to know one another, support one another, and become more like Jesus through prayer, study, discussion, service, and just spending time together. We believe God made us for relationship and community and Union Small Groups are our answer to that. This is where care happens, life happens, and discipleship happens. For more information, contact

When Can I Join a Small Group?

Groups are broken into three sessions. You can join a new group at the start of each semester:
• Fall: September-December
• Winter: January-March
• Spring: April-June
Groups meet in homes and coffee shops all over the Dan River region.


How Do I Start a Small Group?

It’s easy to start your own Small Group and to become a Union HOST. A HOST has a:
(H)eart for people, can
(O)pen their door to the group
(S)erve a snack, and can
(T)urn on the study.
All you have to do is gather two or three friends and you have a group. We don’t expect you to be a Bible scholar, just someone who wants to grow in their walk with Jesus and travel with others on their walk. Everything you need to launch a group will be provided for you.