What is a Group?

The short answer is a group is a small gathering of people designed to provide community and help us get to know one another, support one another, and become more like Jesus through prayer, study, discussion, service, and just spending time together.


We believe God made us for relationship and community. As our Sunday gatherings get bigger, it gets harder to connect with people on a personal level. Small Groups are our answer to that. Groups are where care happens, life happens, and discipleship happens. We are in an age of “digital isolation” where real human interaction seems increasingly difficult, but in a group, relationships can be fostered and isolation is diminished.


When Can I Get in a Group?

Groups are broken into three sessions. You can join a new group at the start of each semester:


Fall:  September-December

Winter:  January-March

Spring:  April-June


Groups meet in homes and coffee shops all over the Dan River region.


Find Your Group

  • Connect Card: Fill out a Connect Card during Sunday Mornings and specify you’d like information on groups.


  • Next Steps Class: Fill out the Groups information card.


  • Group Link: We have a special event several times a year that connects people into groups.


  • Groups Information Area in Lobby: Stop by the Groups Area in the Lobby and speak to a Small Groups Representative.


You Can’t Do Life Alone

At Union Church, we believe that biblical community is central to a person’s spiritual growth. One of our core values is that “You Can’t Do Life Alone” and being in a small group is how that is accomplished.  For more information, contact groups@unionchurch.co or click the link below.




Union Church is a modern, diverse, non-denominational church meeting in two locations. Our mission is simple: Love God. Love People. Prove it! Dress is casual, so come however you are comfortable. Pastor Adam will be in jeans and a t-shirt.

Love God. Love People. Prove it.

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